Power Containers!

Today I am reminded of how a word spoken or sown will determine your harvest. Do we like what we see? Are we experiencing what we want? It takes us all the way back to the seeds that we have planted.

Galatians 6:7-8 “What you plant will always be the very thing you harvest. The harvest you reap reveals the seed that was planted.”



Words are seeds. They carry power! Your WORDS are CONTAINERS for POWER. There is power in the Word of God that will have an effect on our lives! Proverbs 18:21 shows us that our words have the ability to carry FAITH or FEAR, BLESSING or CURSING, LIFE or DEATH. It is extremely important to be intentional or mindful of the words that we are speaking. What are we saying? Does it build up or edify? Does it tear down or destroy? We have a choice–we can choose to sow the right words over our lives or those we speak into. We can make the choice to speak FAITH-FILLED, POSITIVE, UPLIFTING, LOVING, ENCORAGING words in a time of darkness or distress.

Right now is the time to sow seeds of love, compassion, kindness, peace, joy, patience, longsuffering, self-control, gentleness, hope! We must encourage ourselves in the Lord; so we can encourage others. We have opportunity to be a light in the world, to our families, our spouses, our children, our communities. We need each other in these trying times. Let’s not become calloused, or burdened down with the cares of this world–and forget that God’s love and light is the leading factor. We are to love others above ourselves (Philippians 2:3-5 Passion). It’s not a time for your own opinions, platforms, or agendas. Lets put aside our differences, and not get caught up in the media world, political scene, or the lies of the enemy. It’s a time for oneness, unity, and change. Together we are changing, growing and helping each other in every step.        [Ecclesiastes 4:10 NKJV]

You are not alone! We are in this together!  

As God’s children we are called to speak life, to speak things into existence, to call things that be as though they are. We have the power of God living on the inside of us to create, and to frame our world. Every Word that God has ever spoken has been filled with FAITH, POWER, and LIFE! Hallelujah!

We can be encouraged to know that when we speak and release God’s word it is backed by faith. It is full of power! In Isaiah 55:11 He says, “My word,–shall not return to Me void, but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”  

As you believe God’s word–and your faith comes together with His faith; the POWER of that word is released! Praise God! We have the power to effect CHANGE in our very own lives and in the world of circumstances we find ourselves in. God’s Word can save your life! He can give you Eternal Life! His word can accomplish everything you need: Right Now! Healing, Physical Strength, Finances, Restored Relationships, Growth, a better marriage…whatever it is YOU NEED or DESRE TODAY. You can achieve it, have it, TAKE IT–by speaking words of life, blessing and truth in faith. Just like the moment you accepted Jesus as your Lord: You HEARD or READ the word, you CONFESSED with your mouth, you BELIEVED in your HEART.

When we ‘believe the Word and speak it in faith’ the power of the Holy Spirit is released! Romans 10:9

Just as a seed is sown in the ground–it needs water, fertilizer, and sunlight to grow into a full-bloom plant. Keep watch over your words to make sure it is going to bear good fruit. The words you speak and release will manifest in the natural realm. As you speak God’s words they will come to pass for you. Be intentional to speak faith-filled words everyday and from this point forward. Change your WORLD by changing your WORDS!

Remember that as we are in the MIDDLE of a changing world–it does not define us, or make us who we are. Our confidence (Hebrews 4:16), strength and help comes from the Lord (Psalm 121:1). His GRACE is sufficient enough for you (2 Corinthians 12:9). Share a kind word, pray with and for others, and show LOVE.

Sow seeds of Kindness!

Psalm 126:5-6 Passion Translation

Those who sow tears as seeds will reap a harvest with joyful shouts of glee. They may weep as they go out carrying their seed to sow, but they will return with joyful laughter and shouting with gladness as they bring back armloads of blessing and a HARVEST OVERFLOWING!

[A sower sows his seed while his children are hungry. Sacrifice what little we may have–sow your precious seed and watch God multiply it! The harvest is coming!] Hallelujah!



John 3:16-17 Passion Translation

For this is how much God loved the world–he gave his one and only, unique Son as a gift. So now EVERYONE who BELIEVES in him will never perish but EXPERIENCE everlasting LIFE. “God did not send his Son into the world to judge or condemn the world, but to be its SAVIOR and RESCUE it! 

planet earth

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you Peace! 



You are Loved by God and I pray you experience Him like never before!

Love, Chrissy Katayama “Hidden Gems” ‘Beloved, Puposed, and cherished’





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