Half empty or half full?



Have you been running on empty? Are there times in life when you start to realize that you have been burning the candle at both ends? Or have you allowed others to burn you out? Our lives/days can become so busy or we get caught up with things that consume our time; or there’s people pulling at us from every direction, that we don’t take notice of the gauge on our tanks; alerting us; that ‘it’s time to FILL up!’ At that moment we tend to quickly run to the source where we can fill our tanks once again.


The Holy Spirit reminds us that we are to stay full of the oil of His Spirit; we must not allow ourselves to become empty where we are running on fumes. We need to constantly remain filled with the oil of His presence; rather than run into spiritual burnout. We must become aware that the SOURCE we need and seek after; is JESUS.

He alone; is our provider, sustainer, and strength!

Let’s look to the Word: 

1 Kings 17:8-16 ‘Elijah and the Widow’

Pour out your oil and he will multiply it back to you. Give him something to multiply.


2 Kings 4:1-7 ‘Elisha and the Widow’s Oil’

Faith takes God at His word and at face value. God has limitless supply of resources for all who trust and obey Him. 


Believe that God is ABLE to supply all you need when you have no idea how. His spiritual resources for you are limitless. You will always have enough to do what is required of you. 

What does this all mean?  

Keep your oil flowing…..take time to fill up; don’t run on empty. You can do this by taking a moment just to pause, breathe, reflect, get alone in your favorite quiet space and enjoy time to yourself. Shut out the noise of the world. Separate yourself from chaos and busyness and do something you love to do…just enjoy time for you. It is important to spend time in the presence of God! Fill your thoughts with good thoughts. Feed your faith with the Word of God. Spend time thanking and praising God and meditating on His goodness. Find your zone; get in your happy place.

When you are happy and filled up; you are able to give out more. God will enable you with empowerment; so you can pour out on others what you have received in your quiet place. We want to be sure that we are functioning well and at full capacity; giving  our best; giving 100% of ourselves to our spouses, children, family, and those we serve day in and day out.

Those who are full to the brim–be a vessel that pours out. Pour out your oil upon others– with love, joy, peace, refreshment, compassion, prayers, goodness and generosity. Your oil will not run out. God wants to multiply that which you give out; trust and have faith that He provides.

He will faithfully & continually sustain you and fill you up!



We need fresh oil for the NEW SEASON. Nothing was wrong with the oil from the last season; but that oil was for that season. But now we are required to enter a new season with a fresh ointment from God. (Acts 13:9) We need a fresh infilling of His Spirit for each new challenge, each new assignment, and each new moment.

*We cannot run empty; or function with yesterday’s oil.

It is important that with every new season we take the time necessary to make room for new fresh oil to fill our vessels. God is looking for a vessel to fill up with clean oil. He wants hearts that are pure and are longing to have a relationship with Him. 

2 Timothy 2: Talks about the GRACE to OVERCOME. We are to live our life empowered by His free-flowing grace, which is our true strength found in the anointing of Jesus and our union with Him. We are encouraged to live as victorious soldiers of Jesus the anointed One; overcoming every form of evil (the things that distract us or keep us entangled). Every soldier (each of us) called to active duty must divorce (separate) themselves from the distractions of this world; so that we can fully satisfy the One who chose us.


Receive fresh oil today! God knows what’s up ahead. Trust the process.

Keep pouring out your oil, keep giving, keep praying, keep steadfast in spending time in His presence. The anointing is reserved for the days ahead! Make seeking Him a priority in the NEW SEASON and you will receive the fresh oil you need. 

Haggai 2:9 NLT “The future glory of this Temple (vessel) will be greater than its past glory, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. And in this place I will bring peace. I, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, have spoken!”


Pour out your oil; that you will have more! 

 More Word Study: 

Exodus 25:6

‘Oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit’


1 Samuel 16:13

‘Anoint means: to “pour over” and “to smear into.”

The anointing enables you to become all that God calls you to be. 


Psalm 16:11 ‘The oil of joy’

‘In His presence is fullness of joy!’


Psalm 92:10 You pour fresh oil over me.

‘His anointing makes you strong and empowers your life for triumph!’

God’s fresh oil will propel you through the season ahead.


Matthew 25:7 ‘Keep your lamps trimmed and burning.’

Do not let your oil run out. Be filled.

Keep your jars full and your Oil flowing! 


Remember to set time aside daily to RENEW and REFRESH; so that you are available and ready to POUR YOUR OIL out on others!  

Pursuing God Passionately: Love, Chrissy Katayama  ‘Hidden Gems Devotions’



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