“Smooth Sailing…?! –The strain is but for a moment”

Good Day Friends!  

Friday November 22, 2019  

It has surely been a hot minute since my last Blog, LOL! But I felt it was time to get back into doing what I enjoy. I love writing and to be able to share my heart and God’s heart as well for the matter; with all of you and to those who will listen (read) haha. So in writing this blog I am definitely sharing from my heart and know that others out there may feel the same way or are thinking this too! Come on now….this is real life–I’m sure there are those who can relate!  

It is my intention to encourage you and tell you that God is with you through it all! ‘At the mention of His Name, He is there with you.’ I pray that His Word will give you insight and revelation truth to help you overcome in every course of life.

‘Psalm 145:18’

We are in it to win it!  


“Strengthen your faith in times of change” 

The Lord is saying to us in this due season, “I am your Redeemer!” Do you know that God can redeem the time, the lost years, the days you may have felt have been wasted or are long gone, and the hard roads you have ventured. God can turn things around in your favor. God; is a God of favor! He always has you in the fore-front of his mind and wants you to succeed at life.

Every road traveled, every path you charted was all part of the plan to get you where you are today! Did you know that God has a plan and destiny for each of your lives? As you have spent time in His presence and waited patiently for the unveiling of his purposes for your life–just know that He has been preparing you; through every turn, every storm and every upset.

This is called the ‘preparation process’! The middle-moments of life! 


Now let’s get real here… we have to admit that life has its ups & downs, twists & turns, wind & waves (haha). But it is for bringing us up into growth and maturity and leading us into the perfect plan that only He knows is possible. That’s how much God loves us! With God all things are possible! He wants the best for your life.

You see; it’s not in how much we know or what we know. It is important to know who God is through having a relationship with him; so we can understand Him. I have learned that when we give God access; (control of our life) over to Him; he leads and guides us into the path that is for us. This my friends is called ‘surrender’; ‘trust’. Wow! Easier said than done, but when we get ourselves out of the drivers seat and trust in the Lord with all our hearts; He is then able to work in our lives. We have just allowed Him to be the Lord of our lives. Yaasss!

It would be easy to say; that we can figure things out on or own or all by ourselves; but that is not the case. We really do need the help of others; their guidance and mentorship along the way and we must put our full dependency in the Lord. I truly believe that when we humble ourselves, seek God’s face and pray–He will answer us. He is our very present help in times of need. When we search for God with all our hearts He will give us strength in the process.


What process are you finding yourself in; these days?    

As we have just about a month and a half left of 2019 and are about to enter into a NEW Year (2020); let’s ask ourselves…what is tugging at our hearts? What changes is the Lord asking of us? Are we compelled to love more, forgive, serve in our community/church; take on new assignments? Will we let go of cares, burdens & be healed of a hurting heart? Or are you being challenged to release the strains of the past so you can move into the new year ‘carefree’, refreshed, and with a NEW heart and mind (get a fresh perspective)?

Are you anticipating what’s to come in the next season with an attitude of thanksgiving and praise?!  

Have you noticed lately; that the days go by quicker, months and years fly by fast? It is time to consider the Lord and give thought to your ways. Let this be an opportunity to adjust your sails so you can embark on the next phase of your life. “Do not let anything hold you back or attach itself to you. No weights, no burdens, no cares!”

It’s time to be free and ‘SOAR’ like an Eagle! 

S ucceed

O vercome

A rise

R esolve to strengthen your faith!


Picture this: An eagle does not wait (weight) on the ground; it SOARS (free) above (any storm)!




Sail over to the next shore (new season)!


 “God is with you in the middle. Do not yield to fear. Have courage. It is really me–I Am” (Mark 6:47-50)   

The middle-moments of life are the life-changing, altering, defining points; a.k.a. the change zone. The crossing over point! In this moment you realize; you are too far away from the last shore to reach back and close enough to your next shore to grasp it. At times you may feel alone; but all the while–God has never left you!  

Straining moments such as: emotional strain, health strain, family/parental strain, or transitional strain can vary. These sudden shifts happen to each of us in many different ways. We will need faith, endurance, a strong mind, and commitment to sail through those unforeseen stormy situations. 

What’s left to do when sudden ‘life changes’ happen in the middle of your season?  We then have to find strength in God and the support of others; and deepen our strokes to get to the other side. In each process we discover how to handle life’s strains and learn to strengthen our resolve and build a faith that sustains us in every season.

There are physical strains such as: a strained muscle which causes discomfort and alters your mobility; as well as spiritual strains such as: a ‘strained faith’, ‘strained relationships’, or a ‘strained peace’ that we face at some point in our life. These spiritual strains have the same type of symptoms you experience; as a muscle strain. Regardless of the point you are at in life; it’s important not to allow yourselves to reach the point where your faith and feelings are out of joint.

“We cannot allow past experiences to cause stress to our faith!”   

Often times; it is at this point when our abilities and faith are stretched. Although life may not seem like ‘smooth sailing’ we are encouraged by the voice of God “to take heart (take courage).” It is I; God who overcomes the world. (John 16:33)

“Strengthen your resolve and do what must be done.” 2 Samuel 2:7

Resolve is important because it steers us in the right direction and keeps us committed to staying on course. It puts us into action. Without resolve we would be like a ship without a rudder drifting aimlessly on the sea of life. When we have strong resolve; we are determined to reach our destination without turning back.

As we enter into a NEW season, NEW Year, I encourage you to be determined and not allow a straining point–to become your finishing point. Don’t stop, don’t quit there in the middle of your course. Keep your spiritual muscles active, keep moving and exercising your faith by spending time with God in prayer and hearing His word. Consistently fellowship with faith-filled believers. Invest time in meditating on the goodness of God. Surround yourselves with positive and uplifting people and environment. In doing so; you will strengthen your resolve and build your faith that will result in spiritual strength and vitality. Long life and length of days! [See Proverbs 3:1-8 NKJV]

It’s time to get your full mobility; back! 

Don’t ‘stay stuck’ in the middle. There comes a time when we just need to ASK…for help from God and from others of like-minded faith. Those who will uphold you in prayer, pray with you, who will encourage you and motivate you and sometimes even scold you (lol). These are the ones who will stand with you in times of need. Most importantly… God is mindful of you. He cares for you. He is with you! God has your back and everything will be okay. He causes everything to work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose for them (Romans 8:28).

So go on ahead and S.O.A.R.!!! Go ahead and take the Joy; it’s your strength! Take the Peace; it passes your understanding! Take the Faith; it will silence fear! Take the Courage; it will calm any storm! It is yours for the taking! God said so! As we learn how to pick up our promises, pick up our faith, and pick up the Word; we have the power in our hands and our mouth to change the situation.

In ending todays entry; I want to leave you with these thoughts: 

The strain if ignored could become future pain. So don’t delay to take action; don’t  ignore the strain of the season. Give God access, ask the Lord to help you and heal you. Pray! Pray for peace to enter any areas where stress has been present. Pray for healing to replace hurt. And pray for freedom to move forward! Continue on your course with focus, faith, full mobility, tenacity and determination! Allow the middle-moments/straining points to strengthen what’s in you and deepen your trust in God.

‘Let God’s perfect LOVE drive out fear!’ 1 John 4:18

Hear God’s voice telling you today: “Do not fear. Do not be afraid.”

The strain is but for a moment. Strengthen your resolve and keep moving forward!


I am praying for you! If you need support in prayer we are here to pray WITH you! 

“Live life with Passion & Purpose!” Chrissy Katayama


Have a wonderful and safe holidays! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Remain grateful & continue to be a blessing! Keep on keeping on!





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