Testify of what the Lord has done…..

My story Part 1

My story begins with reflecting on what the Lord has done for me. As I reflect on my childhood and where I am in life right now; I can see that God’s “Unconditional Love” has been evident in my life. I see it in my upbringing; with a loving family who has nurtured and taught me good values and what is right and wrong while growing up. I see it in my adulthood life with loving mentors, pastors and church family. All of these people in my life have had an effect or some advantage in shaping me into the person I am today.

I’m sure that we have a story or testimony to share on how life has brought you to where you are today. In todays message; I want to encourage you–to let your story be heard. Share your testimony with others, testify of what the Lord has done in your life so others can share in His goodness. As we share our stories (testimonies) others will be encouraged and even ministered to; because they can relate or have gone through something similar. We may have heard the amazing scripture:

John 3:16: God so Loved the world. That He gave!the world in His hands

That God’s Love is Unconditional. We hear that His love is for us; but what does God want us to do with that love? Love is an action word. He wants you to put that love into action. In John 3:16 you see God’s love in action. The love that was displayed on the cross; was the most supreme act of love ever displayed. God’s love for you is selfless, and sacrificial. His love is constant, steady and a sure thing.

I am reminded of a time in my life that testifies of God’s love in action. This is before I came to know the Lord. Back in 1993 I was in a terrible car wreck. It was very late and raining heavily. Being born on the island of Hawaii, you get used to the rain. Well this one evening while driving home very late at night, I was very tired and began too feel my eyes getting very droopy. I tried keeping myself awake by rolling down the windows enough where the rain could not get in; but enough to defog the windows. Haha–I even turned up the stereo to try and stay awake. The rain got heavier, so my wipers went faster. If anyone has ever heard the term-in the “blink of an eye” literally that’s what happened. Without even realizing it, my eyes closed for a split second, everything blackened and in a flash something happened to me that I’ll never forget. I had an “out of body” experience. Not realizing that the car was flying through the air; I remember screaming the name of JESUS! That’s all I can remember. I screamed for Jesus. Everything happened so fast. The next thing I knew; was that my car was upside down and that I was trapped inside the car. Luckily I was conscious, but couldn’t move or get out on my own. There were no street lights where I had landed, it was cold and still raining. I asked myself what’s going to happen to me? It was not long before God sent someone!

The reason I say “God sent someone is because there is not usually a lot of cars traveling on an old country road. Haha–I was so thankful that someone came along to comfort me and stay with me until the rescue could arrive. When fire and rescue did arrive; they had to use the jaws of life to get me out of there. It all happened so quickly and before you knew it I was in the ambulance. From what I can remember; I asked; the  paramedic if I was going to be okay–and he said to me that I was lucky to be alive because this accident was a fatal car wreck. He gently told me that I would be fine and all that was needed were some stitches on my forehead (I shall spare you the gory deets). I was reminded later that the reason he said I was lucky; is because I had not been wearing my seatbelt and the car was a total wreck. They said that I was fortunate; with the way the situation ended. My family was notified and they were thankful and relieved that I was alive.

Do you believe? I believe in miracles! I believe in Jesus! And I believe that He saved me that day! I call this moment in my life an “ACT OF LOVE” because of the love that was shown to me; by the person that stopped on the side of the road to wait with me and hold my hand, to tell me that everything would be okay. Thank You God, for sending someone! I saw God’s love in the rescue people who took good care of me and comforted me while I was afraid and even made me laugh to make light of the situation; even after I had been through an ordeal. I BELIEVE that day marked the beginning of my SALVATION! God saved my life and it was His LOVE in ACTION that day.


I want to leave you with 3 important factors that characterize God’s love:

  1. His love is illogical-it has no good reason or explanation behind it–Romans 5:8.
  2. His love is sacrificial-Jesus’ motivation was love for mankind–John 15:13-16.
  3. His love is motivating-Love compels us to action. The compassion of Jesus brings forth MIRACLES–Mark 1:41!

It is my prayer that you do not forget what the Lord has done for you. Testify of His GOODNESS, tell of His LOVE, and SHARE your story! Be CONVINCED today of the “Unconditional Love of Jesus” that He gave for you. I encourage you to always remember where you came from and how you first started out in life; do not be ashamed or embarrassed; God has a plan for each of you and can turn a bad situation into a good one. Know that your story can help others and cause them to know the truth of His word.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Lord, I ask you to help us break free of the chains of the past, so that we can share our story with others, knowing that you have a plan and a purpose to reach someone with the Love of God. Give us a PASSION and a FIRE for souls. A purpose to help others. Compel us to action Lord–to LOVE as You love. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

May the Lord richly Bless you and surround you in His Love today. For prayer; please contact me. Live Life Passionately One Day At A Time, Chrissy ~K.

One thought on “Testify of what the Lord has done…..

  1. Kristine the Sojourner March 11, 2018 / 1:54 am

    Amen and hallelujah. I’ve also experienced the unconditional love of God in my life, particularly over recent years. He allowed me to hit bottom where He knew I wouldn’t turn back from his grace and mercy, then He rescued me from the ridiculousness of the life that I had been leading. Now, I’m walking in His will for my life and I feel His love wrapped around me every day. And my one purpose is to keep walking in that will, whatever that looks like in any season of my life, so that I never feel far from His unconditional love again.

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