Keep Moving!

I hear the words; “keep moving, keep moving, keep moving sounding loud in my spirit. Well, what do I mean? I asked the Lord the same thing?” Sometimes we just need to know; that when things seem to be moving slow or if you may be feeling sluggish when running your race, God is saying to us too “PICK UP THE PACE”!

He assures us in His word that those who wait for the Lord [who expect, look for, and hope in Him] shall change and renew their strength and power; they shall lift their wings and mount up [close to God] as eagles [mount up to the sun]; they shall RUN and not be weary, they shall WALK and not faint or become tired. (Isaiah 40:31 Amplified)   (Hebrews 12:1-3 The Passion Translation)

This passage is talking about the expectant attitude of FAITH while waiting. Waiting for what; you might ask? Well, waiting for your goals, vision and purpose to unfold and come to full circle. God is Faithful! So as we go about our days; we are to live each day in the expectancy and faith of God. Having God’s faith living on the inside of you. He has already given us a measure of faith. Those seeds have been planted. Now it’s up to you; the believer to water those seeds. We are to believe, pray, and say.                         (Mark 11:22-23)

At times it may sound impossible or out of the ordinary to “pick up the pace” when you are feeling tired. But we are reminded that God has made us Overcomers and that with the help of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God; the living word–we can do it! We receive our strength from the Lord. Our help comes from the Lord. Only when we abide in Him and stay connected to His living word; then will we excel and be motivated to “keep moving forward“!

I am reminded as well, that when we gather with other believers in fellowship or at a church worship service; there is where you will be strengthened. As you join together with other brethren; there is an anointing that comes forth. [From him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. (Ephesians 4:16 NIV) There is a REFRESHING in the PRESENCE of God! (Nehemiah 8:10) (2 Corinthians 7:13)

So I encourage you today; as well as myself to “PRESS” towards the mark, of your high calling. Keep moving, Keep pressing, Keep your stride and you will reach the finish line. Press, Press, Press!!!! Don’t give up, don’t quit. Stay on the path that God is leading you on and fasten your FAITH to His Faith and surround yourself with other believers. (Hebrews 10:23-25 The Passion Translation) We need each other! Encourage one another in LOVE!

Scriptures To Receive Inner Strength:

God is our refuge and strength, a well-proven help in trouble. —Psalm 46:1

But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall walk and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint. —Isaiah 40:31

May He grant you out of the riches of His glory, to be strengthened and spiritually energized with power through His Spirit in your inner self [indwelling your innermost being and personality]. —Ephesians 4:13

Prayer Confessions:

The Lord will cause me to awaken to my inner strength and arise to my FULL POTENTIAL!

I petition God for strength and courage. (Matthew 7:11)

The Lord will provide me with strength to persevere in the face of adversity.

In the PRESENCE of the Lord I find strength. (Psalm 46:1) In the PRESENCE of the Lord there is peace, safety, and the fullness of JOY!

Through Christ I can do all things, because He strengthens me. (Philippians 4:13)

Pray this with me:

I am strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Father, strengthen me with might in my innermost being. Lord, You RESTORE my soul daily. I ask, Lord, that you FILL me with the knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding that I might walk worthy of You and be fully pleasing to You. Strengthen me with all might according to Your glorious power. Give me patience and longsuffering with JOYFULNESS. Cultivate this fruit (character) in me. Lord, I want to be FRUITFUL in EVERY good work and INCREASE in the knowledge of You. I declare this day; that I endure, overcome and rejoice in running this race. I keep pressing towards you and keep moving forward, In Jesus Name. Amen!!!

I pray that this has helped and encouraged you today; as much as it did me. If anyone feels the same way at times and would like to reach out for prayer or more help with this; please let me know. I would love to hear from you. Just know that we are in this together and there are people you can turn to for help. May God richly bless you and fill you with His Love.

Live Life Passionately One Day At A Time, Chrissy~K.Moving forward

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